Mapping, Multimedia creations

Video Mapping, Les Corts,Barcelona

Mapping sobre la fachada del ajuntamnet de Les Corts. Festa Major

Claude Monet en movimiento

Video clip trabajo realizado sobre pinturas de Claude Monet expuesto en diferentes salas de España

Mapping Bell Recó 2013


Hotel Casa Fuster Barcelona

Creating decorative audiovisual held in the Hotel Casa Fuster mapping from elements of the room. Created both for decoration for events, customized for companies, private acts.

Audiovisual Hotel Juan Carlos I

Audiovisual demonstration night private event in the ballroom of Hotel Juan Carlos I in Barcelona. Applicable to video lighting corporate events or private events.

Silken hotel , Barcelona

Mapping hall Hotel

facade indefinitely on uncertain

Audiovisual work created over the door of our place in Barcelona i. As a result of applying new technologies courses conducted by our creative team.

Video creation. Fashion week Gaudi

Claude Monet. Respect for his work, was the starting point for this work of video animation for the collection of Raimón Bundó 2014, on the fashion week 2012/13/14 of Gaudi Bridal week Barcelona

Video creation. fashion week Gaudi Bride 2012

Work done from the palette of colors and shades "zen" of the collection created by Yvonne Ruiz (R. Bundó designer). Made with video mapping technique. Fashion week Barcelone


Video disco para fiestas privadas y convenciones

Video Proyection Masía Egara

video discoteca