Nov 2012

How to make your wedding perfect



It is little to be finished this year 2012. We began to take stock of all the magical moments we have lived. We are very happy. We have worked in major fashion shows, conventions, performing mappings with a major impact and recognition. We participated in the realization of several weddings this year have been really wonderful.

No match has been accidentally Emy Teruel, undoubtedly one of the best wedding planners currently on the entire Spain, a great professional. It is clear that today if you want to guarantee the success of your party must be placed in the hands of people like her.

His philosophy is reflected in this text here: "The bride and groom should ensure the experience, professionalism, accuracy and reliability of the providers who hire for your wedding day, as though all his work at the end of months is summarized in one day the memory of that day will last a lifetime. "

I leave these links, I think they are very interesting and they can take note.