Spanish traditional Dancing

From a concert of Castanets

up to a spectacular Flamenco formation

Catalunya traditional

Folklore original from Catalunya

Sardanas, Cobles, Castellers, Cap grossos,

Balls de bastons, Corre-focs.

Prominent figures

Actors, caresses, statues, magic,

prominent figures infiltrated between the guests

Contemporary circus

Malabars, stilts, trapeze artists, faquieres.

Traditional or contemporary circus.

Personalized to your measure

The magic, the illusion and the mind

The humor and the magic combined by Cesar Vinuesa.

A great arstita that combines the humor and the magic as nobody.

Appetizers, actions and in great format. Spectacular.


The Art of the made in fireworks.
Management of permissions and prevention of risks.

Animation. Fantasy

We will help you to obtain that your guests

take to themselves an unsurpassable very pleasing

recollection of all your holiday.

Sand projection artistic

Artwork done on a surface sand for a Great Artist Sculptor,

which in turn is projected onto a screen.

The artist makes up the logos of the company live.